It is our mission to restore the famed Yellow Brick Road to it’s former glory.

The Yellow Brick Road Restoration Society raises fund year round to make repairs to the YBR and help restore historic sites along its path. The largest fund raiser hosted by the society is the annual Heritage Reenactment Days. The society also strives to encourage all who live and visit Oz to enjoy the YBR for leisure and not just for commuting.

The Yellow Brick Road (YBR) was already falling into disrepair when Dorothy Gale set out from Munchkin Country for Oz. She and her companions found broken chasms and an area where the road ran to the edge of dangerous cliff with no bridge present to cross. Through the efforts of the YBR Restoration Society that bridge has been replaced. However, our work is not yet done and we need your support to restore the YBR.

The YBR is not only part of our history but serves as a vital road way connecting all of the countries of Oz. Emerald City officials have been cutting the budget for repairs to the YBR for years. This has only furthered to isolate the good country folks of Oz from the city dwellers and hurt smaller out lining businesses and small farms.